Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Römer

Address Schleinitzstr. 20, 2. OG
Room 209
Telephone number +49 531 391 62120
Fax number +49 531 391 7017
Email u.roemer@tu-braunschweig.de


Research group : Uncertainties in technical systems

Teaching and Student Projects


  • Methods of Uncertainty Analysis and Quantification (Summer Term 2020)
  • Unsicherheiten in technischen Systemen (Winter Term 2019/2020)
  • Technische Zuverlässigkeit (Winter Term 2019/2020)
  • Methods of Uncertainty Analysis and Quantification (Summer Term 2019)
  • Unsicherheiten in technischen Systemen (Winter Term 2018/2019)
  • Methods of Uncertainty Analysis and Quantification (Summer Term 2018)
  • Methods of Uncertainty Analysis and Quantification (Winter Term 2017/2018)


For information on the courses please visit StudIP or contact me by email.


Student Projects

Information on available student projects can be found on the IDS webpage and at the information panel at the institute.  




Recent Publications : 

  • Tymofiy Gerasimov, Ulrich Römer, Jaroslav Vondřejc, Hermann G. Matthies, and Laura De Lorenzis. "Stochastic phase-field modeling of brittle fracture: computing multiple crack patterns and their probabilities." Submitted. [Preprint]
  • Mona Fuhrländer, Niklas Georg, Ulrich Römer, Sebastian Schöps, "Adaptive Newton-Monte Carlo for efficient and fully error controlled yield optimization". Submitted. [Preprint]
  • Herbert De Gersem, Armin Galetzka, Ion Gabriel Ion, Dimitrios Loukrezis, Ulrich Römer. "Magnetic Field Simulation with Data-Driven Material Modeling". Submitted. [Preprint]
  • Mahesh Narayanamurthi, Ulrich Römer, Adrian Sandu. "Goal-oriented a posteriori estimation of numerical errors in the solution of multiphysics systems". Submitted. [Preprint]
  • Niklas Georg and Ulrich Römer. "Conformally Mapped Polynomial Chaos Expansions for Maxwell's Source Problem with Random Input Data." To appear in International Journal of Numerical Modeling: Electronic Networks, devices and fields (2020). [Preprint]
  • Jacopo Corno et al. "Uncertainty Modeling and Analysis of the European X-ray Free Electron Laser Cavities Manufacturing Process". Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 164135 (2020). [Preprint] 
  • Niklas Georg, Dimitrios Loukrezis, Ulrich Römer, and Sebastian Schöps. "Enhanced adaptive surrogate models with applications in uncertainty quantification for nanoplasmonics". International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification, (2020). [Preprint]
  • Thorben Casper, Ulrich Römer, Sebastian Schöps, and Herbert De Gersem. "Coupled Simulation of Transient Heat Flow and Electric Currents in Thin Wires: Application to Bond Wires in Microelectronic Chip Packaging". Computers and Mathematics with Applications 79 (6), 1781-1801 (2020). [Preprint]
  • Armin Galetzka, Zeger Bontinck, Ulrich Römer, and Sebastian Schöps. "A multilevel Monte Carlo method for high-dimensional uncertainty quantification of low-frequency electromagnetic devices". IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, DOI: 10.1109/TMAG.2019.2911053 (2019). [Preprint]
  • Thomas Kadyk, René Schenkendorf, Sebastian Hawner, Bekir Yildiz, and Ulrich Römer. "Design of Fuel Cell Systems for Aviation: Representative Mission Profiles and Sensitivity Analyses". Frontiers in Energy Research | Fuel Cells, DOI: 10.3389/fenrg.2019.00035 (2019). 
  • Nikolai Schmitt et al. "Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification of gradient index metasurfaces". Optical Materials Express 9.2, pp. 892-910 (2019).
  • Radoslav Jankoski, Ulrich Römer, and Sebastian Schöps. “Stochastic modeling of magnetic hysteretic properties by using multivariate random fields”. International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification, DOI: 10.1615/Int.J.UncertaintyQuantification.2019025638 (2019).
  • Dimitrios Loukrezis, Ulrich Römer, and Herbert De Gersem. “Assessing the Performance of Leja and Clenshaw-Curtis Collocation for Computational Electromagnetics with Random Input Data”. International Journal for Uncertainty Quantification, DOI: 10.1615/Int.J.UncertaintyQuantification.2018025234 (2019).


Additional publications can be found at ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0002-1277-7509